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ifarma-ffa is a tool for the individual or family run farm owners, to make informed decisions related to financial management of their business, taking into account cost and profitability analysis.

Now, the farm financial analysis is... at your fingertips.

Farm Logs

Farming is a complex endeavor and involves many factors and inputs: land cost, rentals, labor work, expensive machines and various tools, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation. For most farms, farm activities are not properly logged at least not in a systematic and analytic way so that cost analysis can be later performed to find out critical cost factors what could be avoided in order to minimize costs and maximize productivity.

Affordable Tool

ifarma-ffa provides farmers with a simple and affordable tool to log activities and calculate costs, plan ahead and make informed decisions on what crop to plant, what farming activities to execute and what inputs to use, based not only crop and farming requirements but also based on financial (cost and revenue) considerations.

Smart Calculation Method

ifarma-ffa provides a smart calculation method, using standard/typical cost parameters, in order to provide cost and profitability analysis approximations when no complete or accurate data logs are maintained for the farm.


Market and problem

  • 13.7 million farmers with an average farm size of about 12 hectares.
  • Small – individual or family based farms, especially in the South.
  • Need low-cost, affordable tools for financial management of their business.
  • No detailed records – need good enough approximation for costs.


The project has 2 phases:

  1. App prototype development, March to August 2015.
  2. Testing, Validation and Business plan development, September 2015 to May 2016

Our solution: ifarma-ffa

  • ifarma as the backend system to perform financial analyses:
    • Profitability Analysis.
    • Input Cost Analysis (per Farm/Crop/Field).
  • Farm Financial Analysis (FFA) App/Dashboard on FiSpace.
  • Message-based communication between App and backend.
  • Allow 3rd party FMIS’s to connect.
  • Provide and use ‘Default’ (typical) Cost values for farm activities and inputs.


ifarma-ffa development is funded by the SmartAgrifood Fiware Accelerator under the joint call with the ICT-AGRI.


ifarma-ffa architecture



Agrostis Ltd, a Greek SME specialized in the development of IT solutions for the Agricultural sector.

  • Greek Startup
  • Established late 2012
  • Vision: Provide Quality and Affordable Information Technology and automation solutions for the Agricultural sector.

Dr. Athanasios Sapounas, Co-Founder, CEO
Agriculture Engineering PhD
20+ year experience as Agronomist

Vangelis Vassiliadis, Co-Founder, CTO
Electrical Engineering, MSc in IT
25 years experience in IT development and IT PM

Full time Agronomist for QA & customer support
Full time web and mobile developer
ifarma software - the core product

ifarma - Farm Management App

It is the core product of Agrostis, an integrated mobile and cloud collaboration solution for farmers, farmers’ groups and their agronomists.

University or Hohenheim

University of Hohenheim, Institute of Agricultural Engineering


17/06/2015: Project Milestone 2 report submitted
05/06/2015: Test Beds in Germany and Greece defined
27-28/5/2015: Project Business Analysis Finalization meeting
18/05/2015: Project Milestone 1 report submitted
25/03/2015: SmartAgrifood kick off meeting, Brussels,Net Futures
16-17/03/2015: Project partners kick-off meeting, Thessaloniki

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